Ticket sales for the 30th Class Reunion ended on Friday, September 13, 2019. We look forward to seeing everyone who purchased tickets next weekend!

30th Reunion Registration Price Guide

(September 13, 2019 is the deadline)

$95.99 SHS Class of 1989 Graduate (until Sept 6, 2019)

$99.99 SHS Class of 1989 Graduate Late Registration (Sept 7-13, 2019)

$41.99 SHS Spouse/Guest (semi-formal ticket only)

$54.99 SHS Spouse/Guest Late Reistration (semi-formal ticket only)

$15.00 SHS Spouse/Adult (ages 17 and up) ticket to picnic only

Child picnic tickets: $7 children K – 5; $10 children grades 6 and up


You are a SUMTER ALUMNI and your spouse/guest is not and you have 2 children:

$95.99 Early Bird Registration +
$41.99 Spouse/Guest +
2 tickets @ $10 for child picnic
=$172.98 cost for reunion

*** Mail-in registration forms are available upon request via email. All mail-in registrations will be honored by the post marked date. ***

Yasser Alkhmash
Eris Allen
William Allen
Phoebe Banks
Kimaya Bates
Kingsley Bates
Brandt Benfield
Dana Benfield
Marshall Benfield
Parker Benfield
Mary Kaitlynn Boyce
Christopher Briggs
Linda Kennedy (Bruff)
Valerie Brunson
Yolanda Brunson-dixon
Joyce Carter
Joyce Johnson (Carter)
Marcene Carter
Marcus Carter
Kristina Chinery
Charles Dargan
Tonia Dargan
Lorenzo Davis
James Dixon
Dede Wilder (Ethridge)
Robbie Ethridge
Charlene Farmer
Glenn Fontaine
Yolanda Fontaine
Yolanda Lawrence (Fontaine)
Stephanie Fullard
Eric Graves
Baron Harvin
Pamela Harvin
Darren Hemphill
Margaret Hubbard (Hemphill)
Zane Hemphill
Kaisha Hines
Ronald Hines
Troy Hodge
Christopher Jackson
Moses Jackson
Lyndon Johnson
Jennifer Johnson-boyce
Kenneth Jones
Kathy Otts Kackley
Jamilia Kenely (Kenely)
Sebrina Kinard
Jerrell Kirk (Kirk)
Brice Leasure
John Leasure
Patricia Auld (Leasure)
Mi’yana Lesesne
Jennifer Altman (Leviner)
Todd Leviner
Veronica Mack
Aimee Teal (Marson)
Betty Mcleod Dennis
Andre Mcneil
Rochelle Goodman (Mcneil)
Rochelle Mcneil
Shannon Mewborn
Anna Glass (Odom)
John Michael Osteen
Renee Pace Hill
Antoine Parker
Andrea Rosenburg Jones
Ricky Scott
Tonya Holland (Scott)
Harriett Jefferson (Shannon)
Harriett Shannon
Albertus Shannon Jr
Frank Shaw
Tonya Brown (Shaw)
Pamela Harvin (Simmons)
Scott Spittle
Shi Evans (Spittle)
Joetta Irving (Talford)
Joetta Talford
Matthew Talford
Kevin Thomas
Natasha Davis (Thomas)
Natasha Thomas
Susan Thomas Bunting
Amy Walters (Toney)
William Toney
Tori Brown (Turner)
Tori Turner
Kristi Waldron
Mark Waldron
Margo Walker
Amy Walters-toney
Avanna White
Jalynn White
Kendra White
Kristi Waldron (White)
Sherika White
Sherrie White
Scott Wile
Kenneth Williams
Lisa Williams
Melissa Wilson
Miracle Wilson
Eric Yarrell
Joan Billie (Yarrell)
Total 105